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Russian Post

Russian state-owned company, operator of the Russian public postal network. A member of the Universal Postal Union. Full name — Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Russian Post».


Fast shipping, business correspondence, products of different categories, dimensions, values ​​in Moscow, Russia and the world. «SDEK» offers a range of logistics services for the delivery of goods to online stores and other distance selling companies.


In the case of manufacturing defects or wrong order.

If on receipt of the order you have found a defect or error of our packers (this happens very rarely, but for that we take full responsibility ), you can exchange the item. The shipping costs are paid by the client.

Attention! In the case of a defect , product replacement is performed only identical.

What you need to do?

Send us an email with your order number and part number, and your letter must be attached a photo of the defect.
Send defective product within 14 days from the date of order (shipping paid by the client), in the premise must exist a note indicating the reason for the return.
The exchange is made only in the presence of photos and product defect only after receipt of your package (within 14 days).
Attention! Worn and erase things you mistakenly selected items — non-refundable!

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